Bedroom unfucking with tantrums.

Did a “quick” 20 that was more like 25. It almost wasn’t worth the struggle to try and clean with a toddler and I almost lost it a couple of times. He had two meltdowns. My blood pressure must have rocketed 30 points at least. He loves to “help” by dumping the dustpan back on the floor, or the bed, pulling all of the clothes out of the hamper that I just put in, repeat 3 times, locking me out of the room while I run to get a rag, spraying the bed down with cleaner (vinegar), and other basic good hearted nonsense that makes me crazy when I’m trying to do something quick. A person working alone would have gotten this done in maybe 5-10 minutes. I was shattered afterwards. I really was. I felt so defeated and exhausted and guilty because I was short with him. And I felt like it wasn’t worth it.

I struggled to learn something from this. What did I learn? I do not want to have my kid grow up to hate cleaning because he watched his mom get stressed out and mad. I will no longer do a 20 minute with a timer when the kid is helping. Only 3 minutes or so. I will try and make it a game so that he has fun and I stay relaxed. Lowering my expectations… Feeling a little depressed that I will never get on top of the clutter and grime in this house. My mom was/is a hoarder so I probably put a lot of weight on the cleanliness of my house because of how neglected I felt growing up. I should probably give myself a break but its hard. 

You probably won’t see any difference but here are the before and afters if anyone is interested. I’m posting this because I need to see some progress: after the jump



And that is my bed made. Yup. I made it this morning before I started cleaning. I guess I need to do better. 

my side before:


foot of bed before:


his side before:

his side after:




baseboards before:

baseboards after:

ceiling fan:

what came off of the fan:

my helper :)

Ok after looking through those pics, I do see a difference. And despite the trauma, I did remove so much dust! Hadn’t cleaned in there in … months? not sure how long. Good thing I have the air filter or else who knows what it would have been like. I don’t have a vacuum right now but I have one being shipped to me. I lent my vacuum to my mom because she cant find hers and between her flea infestation and me wanting a new one that doesn’t spew dust, lets just say I didn’t want it back. So when I get the new one, I will attempt to do a good vacuuming of the room and mattress. 3 minutes at a time. Time for tea while baby naps.